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La Fabuleuse Skincare

by Nastasia Camier

I'm Nastasia, a 35-year-old Ukrainian woman with a soul full of love and a passion for caring for others. As a happy mother of a little girl born in November 2020, my life has taken on a new shade of beauty since she was born. She has been the stimulus for my fulfilling and happy career. I invite you to discover my world, where every procedure is a magical fairy tale, where every woman is pampered and respected, where every moment is a gift. Thanks to this adventure, I share with you my path to freedom and wonder, the path that allowed me to create my practice in October 2022.

I was born in Ukraine into a loving and generous family. I have always loved taking care of others, giving them comfort, tenderness and joy. At the age of 23, I left my homeland and moved to France, to the city of Clermont-Ferrand, where I studied cosmetology at a renowned school in Vichy. I then worked my way up through a number of renowned establishments before finding my feet. I have worked in five-star luxury spas such as La Ferme de Marie in Megève and other institutions in Monaco, where I left my mark, which helped me to become the beautician I am today.

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Each stage of my career has been an opportunity to learn and grow, perfecting my skills and expanding my vision of wellness. The luxury and excellence characteristic of these facilities have defined my path, giving to my aesthetic practice a special elegance and sophistication. My life took a major turn in 2020 when my daughter was born. She was my greatest source of inspiration, my greatest motivation, my deepest emotional experience. Through this intense emotion of becoming a mother, I felt an urgent need to rethink my professional life, to strive for independence and to rediscover the magic that lies in every moment. This is how my studio was created, a place dedicated to beauty and well-being, where every woman can relax and recharge her batteries. Your comfort will be our keynote and be sure that we will take
care of you.

My work is much more than just a job, it is my true passion. Every day I aspire to give you the best, to listen, advise and respect you. I also offer personalised skincare rituals, treating each woman in her physical, emotional and spiritual integrity. My goal is to create unique moments, magical moments, where every woman can reconnect with her own inner beauty. I listen attentively, give compassionate advice, and generously share my knowledge. Every gesture I make is filled with a deep intention to promote well-being, to create an atmosphere in which every client feels not only beautiful, but also understood and encouraged. I am always on the lookout for the latest trends, techniques and innovative products to offer you an ever-evolving service at a level of excellence, in line with my commitment to you, my daily partners.

With our treatments, we will correct your skin imperfections and prescribe a customised treatment based on the appearance, colour and tone of your skin and your facial needs. You will receive a treatment consultation as well as an explanation of all the products we use. The final decision on how you want to look will be yours, and we will guide you in this choice to bring out your natural beauty.

My life and my profession are one, woven together by threads of passion and dedication. My studio is much more than just a beauty centre, it is a sanctuary where every woman can enjoy a unique and personal experience. Every day, I aim to combine my profession and my passion, creating an environment where every moment is a real celebration of beauty and well-being.

Discover treatments & rituals

If you are looking for an authentic, special moment of well-being, I invite you to book your magical journey. You will be our special guest for the time of your procedure, and I hope that this will enhance the quality of the service we offer to you.

Contact me to book your unique moment of well-being based on devotion, love, communication and self- awareness.

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